Mediation Skills Training


great leaders can learn effective conflict resolution skills

Whether you’ve been hired as a professional to resolve a difference between two or more parties, you’re a supervisor who has to resolve a dispute between two employees or a parent who needs to resolve the quibbling of siblings, mediation skills will be essential for these and many other circumstances.

Our approach is to use the “understanding” model of mediation taught by the Harvard Law School’s Harvard Negotiation Institute school. This unique model is a non-caucus approach to helping the parties understand each other views, the realities each faces and to help them work together to develop an agreement which is better than their alternatives.

You’ll learn:

  • a 4-phase approach to mediation that uses “understanding” as its foundation to not only get the parties to an agreement but to also set them on a path toward a more positive and productive relationship
  • where conflict comes from and the trap people find themselves caught in
  • how the personalities of the parties (and the mediator) can influence the dynamics of the relationships
  • how to use “looping” as a method of empathetic listening so the parties feel heard, and
  • a process to help the parties uncover their interests and explore options for an agreement

Mediation skills are especially important in today’s workplace. As organizations look for competencies in leaders that demonstrate good conflict management acuity, those who have learned mediation skills will be well equipped and attractive to employers.

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