Workplace Conflict Assessment and Fairness Restoration


fairness in the workplace is what employees seek the most

Given a choice, where would you rather work – for an organization known to have high conflict or one that has a reputation of being fair?  We would all choose the fair one.   

Without a doubt conflict costs and fairness matters. One US study conducted by CPP Inc. in 2008 found that employees spend about 3 hours per week dealing with conflict, equating to approximately $359 billion in paid hours in that country.   

Workplace conflict not only carries high economic costs resulting from employee health issues, absenteeism, terminations and the like, high conflict workplaces are ones that prospective employees will avoid.  These organizations end up with severely damaged reputations in the long-term, from which they may never recover.  And if the organization relies heavily on revenue from funders, they may choose to put their money elsewhere.

Fair workplaces, on the other hand, manage conflict effectively and have many positive aspects including:  

  • good employee morale
  • lower absenteeism
  • less worker stress, and 
  • a positive outlook from funders, just to name a few

And fair workplaces run more economically and efficiently since the costs associated with conflict are dramatically reduced.  Above all else, having a fair workplace helps keep good employees and attract new ones.

 At Resolution Pathways we can help pave the way to a fair workplace by:   

  • educating leaders and employees on the concept of workplace fairness
  • conducting a comprehensive conflict assessment
  • providing recommendations on effective treatments and measures
  • assisting with the implementation of treatments and measures, including policy development, communication and training
  • monitoring to ensure the workplace remains fair into the future 

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